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Sunny Monday

Wow it is such a beautiful day outside!  I am so thankful for the rain we got this past week!  We just need a repeat next week and then again about a week and half later!  The drought here has been so awful!!  I worked an a Stacked Coins Baby Quilt, (crazy mom quilts or the moda bake shop).  It goes together pretty fast!  You just cut your 5″ charms in half, sew 22 pieces together.  Make 5 sets of “22”.  Then you put them together with the sashing and border fabric, (1.5 yards of white…cut  6 pieces 3.5″ X 44.5″).  I like the results, I added 4 new pinks and 4 greens.  I have 4 new yellows to press and cut.  Then I will add 4 new blues to the group.  I still don’t know what the 4th baby is!  The brighter colors make the coins “pop”!






  This is the apron pattern that I got at Its a Stitch last weekend.  I think that I will work on it when I get the baby and birthday quilts finished!


Pika and his chewy!


Blondie, looking worried!


Mur taunting Blondie, poor girl!  

 I still need to learn how to compress the photos 😦   I ended watching the rest of Friends Season 2 and have started Season 3.  I am glad that I got a little sewing accomplished!  I also purchased an office type chair for my sewing room 🙂  I am so thankful, because I have had no furniture in there at all!

 Well I better go for now!

 Happy Sewing!

 Jacky O


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March Madness!


  Monday was my birthday 🙂  My mom got me this beautiful and delicious cake.  I sampled it just before I left for work, (night shift).  I share my birthday with my new blog friend from Kentucky, Kristie, the Cowgirl Quilter.


 Of course Mur had a sample of cake as well!


 I got the top put together for Christie’s birthday quilt, I’m just not ceratin when I will be able to get it finished.  My mom came and worked on it a little last night.




 A few more disappearing nine patch blocks before they are cut apart.  I just found out another co-worker has a baby on the way, thats two more after we finish the two we can’t seem to finish…4 plus the one that one that actually was given to the new mom…a total of 5!  Wow thats a lot of babies!!


 Check out this little guy, its a chain ripper.  It’s just a tiny seam ripper stuck into a small base.  It works really well!!  I don’t think that this would be to difficult to duplicate at home!  It was apparently all the rage at the big quilt retreat, (that I did not attend).

  I was able to do a little sewing on my Flea Market Fancy, (crazy mom quilts).  I also have all the white cut out.  I even started sewing more of the Ashleys Journey blocks for another quilt, hopefully this one will be for me 🙂 !

  I also have to go back and compress my photos so that they do not take so long to load.  That is why I haven’t been blogging.

  Well I better go for now!

 Happy Sewing

 Jacky O

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