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It’s Friday

Of course that¬† means my “weekend” is over, I go back to work tomorrow ūüė¶02-18-09-035

While I was in Houston I went to Painted Pony and Quilts.¬† I found this book, Piece of Pie …Layer Friendly Quilt Patterns (by Brenda Bailey and Bonnie Bailey).¬† I especially love the one on the cover of the book, it’s called Ashley’s Journey.¬†




¬†I just started one!¬† It’s for my friend Christie, her birthday is March 12th,¬† If I don’ t have ¬†it ready by then,I will certainly have it finished before her Spring Break Holiday!¬†



 I also like this quilt that is featured on the back of the book, it is called Links to the Past.  The book also features a pie or other sweet recipe with each quilt! 


  This is Blondie, (aka Sissy).  Blondie is very camera shy.  When she sees the camera come out she acts like she is in trouble.  Blondie is never in trouble she is the best girl ever!  Blondie came free with purchase of cows 6 years ago.  My in-laws kept her until we got a yard of our own.  Blondie is believed to be half Golden Retriever ad half Border Collie.



 Pika and Mur wanted to say hi!

 Well I better go for now!

 Happy Quilting!

 Jacky O


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Out and about

While I was at Jo Ann’s tonight I¬† purchased a small sewing basket, (again, I love their coupons!) to help organize all the little things around the sewing machine in the den.



I also decided to give one of these guys a try, a Bobbin Saver!  This will be a good way to keep these little guys together!

Yesterday while I was Lonestar Quiltworks, I tripped on a large wooden box filled with fat quarters that sticking out from under a table.  I was so embarrassed! My knee is still really swollen! While I was limping around I decided to purchase the Basic Grey Sultry kit, (it was 15 % off!).  I just love the colors!


I also got a few small pieces for my Mad Cow project!¬† I will add photos of these later!¬† While I was Jo Ann’s tonight, the reason that I went there, I purchased some of the plastic template sheets.¬† I need one for Mad Cow.¬† I am trying to convince my husband that he is a better “tracer” then me…so far it hasn’t worked but its still early!


Clear template plastic


I think Mur has the right idea…lets go back to bed!

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My schedule is all messed up right now!¬† I woke up at 3:30am, I’m usually still up till 5:am..oh well!



the Gentle art of Domesticity… Stitching, Baking, Nature and the Comforts of Home by Jane Brocket


A Cozy Quilted Christmas, 90 Designs, 17 Projects to Decorate Your Home by Kim Schaefer


Pretty Little Patchwork from Lark Books

These are some recent additions to my library.


A quilt sandwich  has begun!  Baby Boy quilt # 1

A couple of weeks ago I was at Barnes and Noble and I came across the Gentle Art of Domesticity.¬† Its a cool book filled with inspiration!¬† A Cozy Quilted Christmas was purchased from Lonestar Quiltworks.¬† The owner told me that a customer had brought the book in and she decided that she had to order it for the store.¬† I can actually see myself making some of these quilts, the appliqu√©s in this book don’t frighten me!¬† Last but not least Pretty Little Patchwork.¬† I purchased this tonight while I was at JoAnns,¬† (I love their coupons)! It has many cute small projects and gift ideas!

I cut out more 5″ squares for Baby Boy Quilt #2 and began to group together some of the “Nine Patches”.¬† I need to press my white fabric for the back to both of the quilts.¬† The funny thing is that an actual 4th baby is on the way at work.¬† A new employees wife is expecting…I guess thats a bunch more “Nine Patches” that I need!!¬† It shouldn’t be to difficult.¬† Maybe thats what I should work on when I go out of town for my training.¬† I will be in a hotel room all by myself Sunday evening so I figured that I would sew.¬† My husband may come up Monday night.¬† I’m not certain that he is aware that I have figured out that I am less than 20 miles from¬† 4 Hancock Fabric stores!! Can you belive it , 4 ?¬† Everyone in my community misses our store:( ¬† Why did they close our store?

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Mad Cow


What can I say? I think “Mad Cow” says it all. I am not much into a lot of crafts but when I saw this cow I just had to have it. I really want to make some up and name them after my cows!! The Melly and Me patterns are from Australia. They have so many cute patterns!! I also like the monkey and a little bug!!


Its kinda hard for me to imagine that I purchased fabric for the monkey but not for the cow!! Maybe I will stop by the quilt shop tomorrow…of course only after looking through my stash first ūüė¶ darn stash!


I got a kit for a boot quilt for Christmas that has boots, hearts and stars. I saw this pattern made up at the quilt shop and decided that I may see if it is possible to make the boots like the ones in this pattern. The fabric for all the boots is already cut out, and I mean the pieces are tiny! I think I can make it work, but if not I will just sash them together like the quilt that I fell in love with from the Sundance catalog years ago ūüôā

Ok, I think that I am getting a lot better at this blog thing!! I am totally addicted to several out there!! Like Amanda Jean and the quilting cowgirl!!

Have a great night! Happy Sewing!!

Jacky O

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My Valentines flowers!! Aren’t they Pretty!¬† I am a lucky gal!!


Baby Boy Quilt # 1,  in the works at 11:00 pm and


and almost a complete top at 1:00 am!!  Now I just have to make another one and get them finished!


Mur wanted to say Hi!!



and let me know that he wanted the rest of his treat that I was “saving” for him, ( aka.. keeping it safe from The Pika)

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3 Days Off!!

Yipee!¬† Tonight I got off work at 10:00 pm.¬† I came home and my mom was working on some of the “extra pieces”¬† that I found¬† for my husbands¬† Valentines gift.¬† I am making him a simple¬† throw.¬† I originally made him the quilt that we refer to at our house as “Wolfies” for his birthday in 2000.¬† It was my first quilt! (I have some of the Moda Marbles border left over that I will put on my Timeless Treasures Kitty fabric).¬† Then a couple of years later I made a similar wolf quilt for his brother, again I had Marble Border left over.¬† So I decided that I would use that border for a Deer Print that I saw at Lonestar Quiltworks, (my local quilt shop) for Valentines.¬† So I gathered all these pieces of Marbled border that had survived one move and my being disorganized, I really thought that I had located all the pieces…so I began measuring and figuring..and math is not my friend.¬† I came up with two plans to make it work!!¬† 1.) I must add dark green marble to help stretch out the border and 2.) I will probably add 8 1/2 inch squares in the corners to help.¬† So I began to cut green strips and rip apart all my marbles border.¬† Well we finally got it all figured out and I mean we are not gonna have one scrap of¬† border left.¬† Then I decided to work in my “sewing room”, its really a storage room but¬† I am working on it…guess what I found some more!!¬† Just as I was coming home from work, my mom was busy sewing on some marbled border, I look at it sure enough no green.¬† Then would you believe that I found two more really long pieces of marbled border?¬† Oh well, its ok.¬† I am glad to use up something in my stash and I will make another throw with the pieces of Marbled border in a new way.


Original “Wolfies”

In the works “Wilderness Animals” and the soon to be in the works Kittys!!



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New Projects



These pieces are from the Taxi Trio Collection from Timeless Treasures. I am going to make a Flea Market Fancy quilt with them, like the ones Amanda Jean has shown on her blog, (crazymomquiltsblogspot.com). I just love her blog:) !!



This is my new Bendable Bright Light that I got for Christmas! Wasn’t Santa thoughtful! You can find them on the web and in many quilt shops! You can even purchase extra base mounts so that you can switch your light to other machines!


I also want to make a Line by Line quilt, I was thinking about the Moda Fabrics group Swell, but I also love their new Basic Grey Sultry.


This is Murdoc. Mur was a birthday gift, almost 4 years ago. He is my constant companion!!


This is Pikachu. Pika has been with us just over two years!! Pika was a Christmas gift for my husband in 2006.


My boys!!

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